Art of Arora Sentiment Wall Art - Daughter

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Art of Arora Sentiment Wall Art - Daughter

The Art of Arora Daughter sentiment Wall Art. A plain white block with silver lettering and pink flowers with silver heart centres and the verse reads : "Youre thoughtful and loving, kind and caring, a beautiful smile, a list never ending."

  • Dimensions : 19.8cm high x 20.0xm wide x 4.0cm depth
  • Sentiment block art is suitable for either free standing or to hang on the wall.
  • Presented in an Arora Design window box to display the message and sentiment.

An expressive collection of Sentiment Block Art, from Arora Design, conveying heartfelt sentiment for both popular occasions and special people, the perfect gift to mark an event, or impart sincere feelings to family and friends at any time of the year.


Product Code:G20588