Franz Porcelain

Franz Porcelain

Amidst the globalisation trend where cultures of the East and West meet, Franz Porcelain is playing a pivotal role by incorporating the culture of ancient oriental porcelain and its traditional craft through creativity and design.

Most importantly Franz Porcelain interprets the art of fine porcelain by combining the contemporary flare of both East and West into contemporary lifestyles to draw an impressive number of worldwide followers. Franz Porcelain founded in 2002, took center stage at the 2002 New York International Gift Show with its "Papillon" butterfly collection. Franz porcelains were honored with numerous awards worldwide for its creative, unique designs and outstanding quality.

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Photo of Franz Porcelain Poinsettia Flower Vase Franz Porcelain Poinsettia Flower Vase

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Photo of Franz Porcelain large Tulip Vase Franz Porcelain large Tulip Vase

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