Lilac Lustre Candle Shade & Plate Gift Set
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Cello Jar Candle Shade & Plate Set: Lilac Lustre


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Cello Jar Candle Shade & Plate Set: Lilac Lustre

Candle Shade:

Add a sparkle of decor to your home with this beautiful candle shade.

This candle shade is carefully crafted with glass mosaic pieces. A high quality piece that will reflect the light with a captivating sparkle. Candle shades are stylish and practical as they protect the candle flame from draughts, which also results in a stronger fragrance throw and brighter flame. Cello Candle Shades are compatible with any medium or large size jar candle. Simply place the shade onto the candle and enjoy

Candle Plate:

Featuring glass mosaic pieces that reflect the light with a captivating sparkle, this candle plate brings outstanding quality and craftsmanship to your home. Perfect for decor, special occasions, events and festivities, or as a special gift on any occasion. A candle plate is both stylish and practical. It creates a safe and heat-proof surface that protects your furniture from heat and hot wax.


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