The Trail of the Painted Ponies - Earth Angels Hanging Ornament

The Trail of Painted Ponies Hanging Ornament - Earth Angels

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The Trail of Painted Ponies Hanging Ornament - Earth Angels


Decorate with The Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments The Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments have become prized by decorators and creative gift givers Designers are featuring these miniature works of art on everything from drapery tie backs with satin ribbons to ceiling fan pulls and pillows Gift giving has become a new art form and creative "gifters" are decorating their packages with rope and ribbon and The Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments. Butterflies are like little angels with colorful wings, symbolizing change and growth... the transformation from one life form to another more beautiful. With this Painted Pony, Maria Ryan, a wildlife colorist, has created a gift to everyone who feels life has been a journey for them that has brought them to a place of emergence to be shared with others. "My hope is that Earth Angels encourages people to make conscious changes to their lives for the better, to create new conditions in which they can flourish and make their dreams come true."

Title: Earth Angels

Artist: Maria Ryan

Medium: Resin

Measures: 2"

Each ornament includes an attractive ribbon for hanging and collectable tin.

More information

The Trail of Painted Ponies was born and bred in Santa Fe as a stunning art exhibition that invited the best artists in the country to let their imaginations run wild... Now, The Trail of Painted Ponies are crafted into miniature works of art and they have become one of the most beloved collectibles in the world. We invite you to discover the beauty and wonder of the Trail of Painted Ponies.


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