Village Candle Large Jar 26oz - Spa Collection Relaxation
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Village Candle

Village Candle Large Jar 26oz - Spa Collection: Relaxation


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Village Candle Large Jar 26oz - Spa Collection: Relaxation

  • New metal lid with a contemporary look
  • Two hand trimmed cotton wicks for a slow even and clean burn
  • Over 25 years of handcrafted fragrance and candle making experience
  • A blend of the highest quality food grade paraffin wax for a clean and safe burn
  • Burn time that is long and consistent up to 170 hours
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Strong fragrance throw with consistent fragrance release with large, even wax pool

For best results, burn candle a minimum of 2 hours with each lighting for a full wax pool and no more than 4 hours to maintain fragrance intensity throughout the life cycle. As needed, trim wicks to 1/4" (6mm).

Limited Edition Spa Collection - Relacation: The beautiful scent of Relaxation combines two of the most relaxing herb scents French lavender and rosemary, finished off with a hint of floral creating a natural escape.


Product Code:G34355
Brand:Village Candle
Jar Size:Large